Workshops for Children 
Our financial education programmes are for children in education or those involved in extra curriculum programmes. We are focused on raising their financial awareness and teaching them how to improve their financial wellbeing. It will be offered either as a workshop or a series of workshops in a fun and educational environment to develop crucial money management skills. This is tailored to the varying ages within the target group to ensure they are fully engaged. 

The benefits of these services are far reaching. There are many young people who grow up without an appreciation or understanding of the value of money, and this continues into their adulthood.  These services aspires to intervene in the early years to ensure that young people have the appropriate skills and techniques to maximise and be resourceful with their money.  This is also the opportunity to introduce materials related to the courses, which may be integrated into the national curriculum. In addition, this will support the government’s focus on mathematics by providing young people with a real and tangible appreciation of numbers.     

Workshops for Adults  
The workshops will allow financial education to be discussed in the context of the program to ensure excellence. In particular we will be looking at budgeting techniques and principles required to successfully manage money and use credit wisely. Each workshop will consist of short presentations, analysis and use of new learning and teaching resources as well as discussions on how best to ensure that the outcomes and financial education are addressed.

Our workshops are customised to meet the needs of our audience, whether it is a social service provider, employer, church, school, or other community-based organisation. There will be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 30 places at each workshop and there will be two half-day workshops at each venue. Delegates can apply for the morning or afternoon workshop.