Our Heritage 

Having worked within the financial services sector for 25 years we have extensive knowledge about financial products, including savings, protection, mortgage, insurance, banking and cards. Our expertise range from Money Management Consultancy, Early years Financial Awarerness, Financial Education and Debt Counselling. Our knowledge in these areas enhance the clients experience and financial outcome. We have qualified Debt Counsellors who work with clients drawing from Person Centered, Psychodynamic and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) schools of thought to maximise the financial support we offer.   

Versatile in our approach, we design and also teach money management strategies and techniques. We have successfully provided many people with a solid grounding in the workings of effective budgeting, reducing debt, being financially resourceful and planning for the future.               

Our Mission

We work hard to teach and inspire children, young people and adults, skills and techniques to manage and maximise their money resourcefully to achieve the best financial outcomes.


Our Client Impact

When working with a client, we strive to make a difference and deliver on our promises. It is worldwide knowledge that debt is spiraling out of control globally, but you and your family don’t have to be part of the debt statistics. Through our expertise, financial freedom becomes achievable and attainable for everyone, we passionately focus on helping people develop strategies so they can make good financial choices that will last a lifetime.